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Jul 1, 2019 | News

Executive Summary. Education of your staff or of your client can be effectively done using SJ Construction Consulting LLC’s (SJCC) Crew Cost Clicker. Don’t talk about the cost per hour of a crew, show it. Live.

The Clicker. Runjob Software partnered with SJCC to develop a simple, yet effective, visual display of contractor cost as a function of time. [Scan the QR to see/use the clicker] The actual cost a contractor suffers on a minute-by-minute to day-by-day basis is often misunderstood by employees and clients of contractors.

For example, a typical utility crew may cost a contractor $7,500 per eight-hour day. That’s equal to $937.50/hour or $15.63/minute. Show it!

To be able to pull up this simple tool and display it to employees or client representatives really drives home the cost incurred while a contractor waits. A contractor waits for its employees to show up for work or come back from lunch. A contractor waits for a client to answer an RFI.

My Story. I didn’t have this tool when I was in business as a contractor. But now as a consultant I talk about this tool and show it all the time – with owners and employees of companies. This is a tool representing time and cost that are not directly built into contractor estimates.

It does a great job of showing impacts to a contractor, or any business for that matter!


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