Construction Claims

Claim Preparation & Support

Assisting contractors and defending project owners in

Entitlement evaluation • Productivity analysis • Quantum calculation • Time impact analysis


SJ Construction Consulting, LLC (SJCC) brings our experience and expertise to bear on behalf of both owners and contractors in construction-related claims.

We have represented our clients in many claim cases, concerning matters of

  • Scope creep
  • Design errors/omissions
  • Extended performance
  • Corporate office overhead
  • Production inefficiencies caused by overtime, acceleration, and cumulative impact

We assist in any way possible in the dispute resolution process, from time impact analysis to quantum calculation.  Our goal is to prevent litigation if at all possible for our clients which is why we encourage our clients to contact us as soon as possible.

For Contractors

Contractors who utilize our services benefit not only from our decades of expertise in the field, but also the fact that turning these matters allows your staff to focus on progressing the job.  We work diligently in the background to support you on your claims, while you progress the work.

For Owners

Project owners benefit from our vast experience as contractors ourselves in identifying faulty or excessive claims through our entitlement evaluation and costing services. Knowing the business inside and out, we recognize bogus claims that are without merit, and can advocate on your behalf in mediation, arbitration, and litigation cases.

For Both

In support of the above services, SJCC is also capable of conducting productivity and time impact analyses, which can affect the outcome for both sides in any claims case.


Some claims SJCC has been involved in include:


Location Public/Private Our Client Opposing Project Value Matter Discipline
HI Public City Very Large Contractor $40,000,000 Delay and extended performance due to changed subsurface conditions Sewer line installation (open cut and bore)
HI Private Hospital Very Large Contractor $55,000,000 Delay, extended performance, and labor inefficiencies due to poor design Hospital
CA Private Developer Medium Contractor $8,000,000 Delay due to contract dispute Apartment complex site package
CA Private Subcontractor Very Large Contractor $90,000,000 Construction acceleration due to unrelated supplier’s failure, impacting the schedule 30-story residential condo building
HI Private Subcontractor Very Large Contractor $48,000,000 Changed soil conditions resulted in additional excavation and haul-off 30-story residential assisted living condo building
CA Public General Contractor Federal Government $23,000,000 Delay and cost overrun; abnormal groundwater levels delayed work into next construction season Highway and bridge
NC Public General Contractor Federal Government $5,000,000 Delay due to owner’s lack of timely response to submittals Airport
HI Public General Contractor County $4,500,000 Owner’s redesign delayed project start,resulting in inefficiencies and extended performance Water line installation (open cut)
HI Private General Contractor Developer $100,000,000 Labor inefficiencies due to construction acceleration Luxury hotel
Guam Public Owner Contractor $120,000,000 Delays and various impacts due to Designer response time and errors/omission Airport
WA Public Contractor City $22,000,000 Delay due to third party utility’s untimely assistance Highway and bridge
HI Public Contractor Large Contractor for Federal Project $60,000,000 Contractor’s poor performance over-penalized by General Contractor Military housing
CA Public Very Large Contractor Designer $1.3 billion Designer’s poor performance impacted schedule and cost Mass Transit
WA Public Small Contractor Public Utility $2,000,000 Pre-bid traffic control agreement reneged upon during project construction, costing time and money Water line installation
HI Public Medium Contractor City $76,000,000 Spearin Doctrine claim costing contractor time and extended performance Sewage pump station
WA Public Medium Contractor City $13,000,000 Unknown Artesian water condition caused cofferdam blowout, resulting in pump station redesign Sewage pump station

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