Expert & Forensic Work

Expert & Forensic Work

Written and oral presentation by professional engineers and estimators, in all major areas of construction and insurance claims defense and dispute resolution.


Construction litigation involving delays, cost overruns, or accidents need an expert. We can provide this expertise based on decades in the industry.

This often takes a great deal of research, document-gathering footwork, knowledgeable analysis, and some report alchemy to convince a mediator, arbitrator, or judge of the desired conclusion.

SJCC is a deeply knowledgeable, broadly experienced construction consulting firm. We have more than a quarter-century of solid, proven expertise, in all areas of construction and related insurance claims defense and dispute resolution:

  • Construction means and methods
  • Cost overruns
  • Constructability
  • Design Errors & Omissions
  • Safety
  • Insurance

We understand not just how each of these affects a construction project, but also how they can and often do influence each other in the outcome. Next time you need support in a claim defense or dispute resolution case, depend on the professionals at SJCC.

We don’t learn on your case, but bring proven value to your matter.

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