Baseline development, monthly updates, submittal creation and review, time impact analysis, full technical narrative and more, for owners, contractors and construction managers.

SJCC provides scheduling in both Oracle PrimaveraTM and Microsoft ProjectTM for contractors and owners.

Typical services for our clients follow:

Contractors Owners Construction Managers
Baseline generation Program management Submittal review
Monthly updates Design and bidding calendar Claim defense
Resource loading Submittal review Intelligent and simple graphics for presentation to Owners
Time impact analysis Claims defense Delay allocation
Dispute resolution Dispute resolution Dispute resolution


Project owners commonly have pre-project and ongoing scheduling needs for such activities as:

• Program management
• Design and bidding calendars
• Submittal reviews
• Dispute resolution
• Claims defense

SJCC has long been involved in all phases of the Project Cycle, so we understand what it takes to move a project along. On the back end of a project that has run into issues, we can also help with technical analysis and/or presentation graphics to clearly make a desired impact in dispute resolution and claims defense.


Many contractors do not have adequate in-house staff to create and maintain schedules in accordance with Owners’ rigorous specification standards. SJCC is expert in specification compliance, from initial baseline generation to monthly updates. We include not only the required data analysis, but also provide intelligent, well-written narrative to accompany regular submissions to Owners. Because SJCC also represents Owners, we are expert at providing critical information required to permit efficient pursuit of an Owner-caused claim.

Construction Managers

Beyond the normalcy of submittal review and monthly updating, construction managers are often tasked with the evaluation of time and cost impacts. One industry trade publication reports that three out of five construction projects are completed late. This delay is always allocated to a party, and often, construction managers must perform objective allocation of said delay, in pursuit of dispute resolution. SJCC minimizes your direct participation in the discovery and analysis process, so you can stay on track with your regular workload. We also take on the lion’s share of writing cogent, persuasive reports for claims defense and dispute resolution.

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