Construction Licensing Services

Construction Licensing Services

Whether you’re crunched for time or just not computer-savvy, we help with all aspects of contractor license acquisition. We’re an enthusiastic Contractor/RME matchmaker!

Need help obtaining your contractor’s license? Look no further!

SJ Construction Consulting, LLC (SJCC) has the skillful, experienced staff ready to assist you with the Contractor Application process in any state. We started our business in Hawaii, which is arguably the most difficult state to obtain a license, but we do all 50 states!


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Obtaining a contracting license can be a challenging task.  Our clients are usually experts in tools, but beginners in computers and writing.  Applicants must be able to

  • Navigate the complex instructions and due dates
  • Complete the pages-long applications
  • Compile the necessary documentation (such as credit reports, business formation documents and financial statements)
  • Make the necessary payments, and
  • Submit an entire application package in a timely manner.

Why not leave that to experts at SJCC to take this burdensome task off of you, and let you get back to what you do best? Just as we lighten the forms/regulations/reports/applications drudgery for established contractors, we know the system, and can submit an application in less time and with less hassle for you, too.

SJCC is made up of former contractors, and our principal still holds his RME license. We have been in the construction industry for more than 30 years, and have been in Hawaii for 20 of them (for those Hawaii license-seekers). This gives us special insight into the licensing process. We navigate it with ease, so you don’t have to.

Our Services

We have a presence in Hawaii, Nevada, and Florida.  But, we work in all states for you.  We offer the following to you or your company:

  • For Hawaii, no time changes to worry about - we have a Honolulu office!
  • Item Due reminders keep you on track and the process moving
  • Completely electronic process - skip all the annoying paper!
  • Safe, secure transactions
  • We're just a phone call away. This means we respond to you within 24 hours
  • No autobots - Speak directly with a real human who values your time


Complete the Contractor Intake Form to begin!

For more information about how you can take control of your license and the licensing process, contact:

Monique Kelsey
Licensing Manager

  • PO Box 37238, Honolulu, HI 96837
  • 833-SJ-CIVIL or 833-752-4845

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