Here’s where you should be using QR Codes today in your Construction Company

Jan 9, 2018 | News, Professional Services, SJCC, White Paper

Executive Summary

If you have a discrete thing that you want to know about or report about now, use QR codes. Don’t be wary of the technology or think it’s a hassle to use. It’s simple and powerful technology. You can use it today. You need it. One email or phone call to us and you’ll have it – we know construction, period.

What are QR Codes?

This is a QR code:

How do they work?

Use your mobile device’s camera or download a QR scanner app and scan the code above and you’ll see how it works.

What does it do?

It’s just like a barcode at the grocery store except you can attach endless information to it. It links to a unique internet address with all of your information on it about that thing it’s adhered to.

How do I access all this information?

You simply scan the label and the information is right there.

What sort of things can I see or do once I scan the QR Code?

You can see a message or description. See a document or photo or pdf. Update fields in your database within your private web portal.

How do I update the information attached to this QR Code?

You will have given us the field names and you’ll have a text field, a drop-down, or a file upload to address.

Tell me where I can use this today in my Company.

There are a thousand uses. Here are some common job site uses that beat the process you’re using today:

  • Jobsite inspection of erosion control – place QR codes at discrete locations where you can take a picture. Scan the QR code, take a picture, and fill out the fields of information that you gave us. Done – it’s in your database and can be seen by you and the owner if you like immediately after you’ve recorded the information.
  • Traffic control inspection – was the temp tape on the asphalt? Was the stop sign standing? Was there a flagger there at 2.45 pm? Have QR codes in the field or in the cab of your pickup truck on your traffic control plan. As you do your daily field inspection you can scan the code and then take a picture and/or update the fields you told Runjob Software to create.
  • Jobsite check-in – place the label in one location on your site and each of your subcontractors or suppliers can use our app to record their attendance on your site and/or access plans and specifications, or daily tasks. This is different from the job site bulletin board which is more suited for your own employees.
  • Jobsite bulletin board – labor law/wage notifications, equal opportunity posters, job site rules, hospital routes, new employee paperwork, compliments/complaint information, toolbox talk of the day/week, daily report forms, and ethics hotline. Everyone on your job would have the Runjob app and could have immediate access to each of these documents while documents are updated and uploaded in the office, not on the board in the snow and rain with thumbtacks.
  • Regular job site photos – as a project manager or superintendent have a QR code binder with one label per job. Upon rolling upon the job, take photos of the job and immediately label them and have them electronically.
  • Crack and settlement monitoring – attach a QR code to crack or settlement gauges on your site. Instead of using a clipboard to record daily movement, scan the QR code, take a picture and fill in today’s gauge reading. This makes the data immediately accessible to your office and the Owner’s office.

How to get more information.

Scan this QR code below and fill out the form, or simply contact Runjob Software at 888-588-5242 or at Runjob Software, Inc. knows the industry. We have 24-hour customer service because you demand it: 833-752-4845.

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