Larry King and Katt Williams: Now It’s Your Turn

Jun 5, 2023 | Engineering, Learning Aid, Lessons, Management, Travel

Executive Summary. Reflecting on your career and your life is always fun and interesting. Try this with yourself or with a friend.

Larry King’s questions. My social media feed recently brought me to an interview by Larry King of Katt Williams. Larry is one of the best interviewers of all time, while I think Katt Williams is hilarious. I took Larry’s questions and tweaked some of them to better fit the construction industry.

My story. Larry’s questions and my answers follow below. I wrote down the questions as best I could and blended in some construction tweaks. The answers below are the ones that came almost immediately to mind. If you play this little game, it’s meant to be “off the cuff” like with Katt. Don’t make a whole day out of this exercise!

Work safe!


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