Kobe’s Gym Rats and Angela’s Grit

Aug 4, 2023 | Engineering, Learning Aid, Lessons, Management, Travel

Executive Summary. The “older” generation currently in executive management across the working world yearns for the good ol’ days when it was a simpler time: work hard, put in the time, and climb the ladder. They (which now is really me, I’m 52 years old now) still want it that way, and believe me, they’re trying to adapt (I’ll prove my ability to adapt by not using two spaces after the period any more in this article). Below expresses a generation’s turmoil and a generation’s wish for the immediate future.

This is the most difficult to write. I’m saying what is on the mind of many of my peers – most my age and older, not all. This is, by far, one of the most difficult articles I’ve written. How to say what’s on my mind, our minds, but not to offend. Here we go.

I’m trying not to be my father. The reality of life is that we all, to a certain degree, become our parents. I’m trying hard not to give the whole “I used to walk Ten miles in the snow to school” thing. But…

A window into our brain. All older generations tend to think the younger generation is all screwed up in their approach – we can all see grandpa saying “this country’s goin’ to hell in a handbasket”, right?!

My generation grew up in the 80s which was Cyndi Lauper and Madonna and the like. This pop culture, and the introduction of music videos on MTV, likely was viewed by my parents as a generation lost in unimportant things. Today’s generation is hypnotized by social media – I guess it’s the same now as then, but different.

Work well is necessary. Work should be a priority. To do it well means to do it right. To do it well results is maximizing your living experience, and your contribution to your community. It provides for your lifestyle (which requires money) through compensation. It can provide for your health coverage. And it can
actually satisfy you personally you when you find something you love, or at least like a lot. It gives a sense of purpose which adds value to a human’s time on earth.

My story. My story here is told through others’ observations. And they’re just a QR code scan away for you.

Our youth starts in primary and secondary schools. Teachers and students are acknowledging that students can be held to higher standards there:


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