Customized Programming: Easy Access and Low Cost

Aug 28, 2018 | Cost Controls, News, SJCC

Executive Summary: There are no perfect software solutions out there for many industries. Many companies must settle for “close enough” to achieve their control goals. If you have relatively simple needs, considering a custom program may vastly improve your efficiency for less cost than you think.

What do you mean, custom programming? Is there a process in your company that you’d like to have developed into a simple app, or made accessible via the web? Sometimes, with the right framework in place, developing these processes for you can be done quickly and for a reasonable cost.

What sort of programming can be done? You are pretty much limited by what you can imagine. But, in regards to a business application, there are several industries and functions that come to mind:


  • Asset Management
    • Location, equipment fluid levels, maintenance schedules, ownership (which foreman or on what project), O&M manuals
  • Asset Lifespan (asset tags are connected or embedded in manufactured item)
    • Embedded RFID tag shows the reader the date of manufacturer, date of installation, lifespan maintenance tracking
  • Timecard
    • Clock in/out, lunch breaks, photo identification, location of the employees’ actual check-in via GPS
  • Construction Documentation
    • Bid tracking, subcontractor/supplier solicitation, bid analytics
    • Submittal, letter, RFI tracking, daily reports
  • Security
    • Patrolling, incident reporting
  • Building Management
    • On-demand O&M manuals and what-it-should-be gauge readings, hour meter tracking, fluid level recording

Each of these processes and more are available off-the-shelf in a framework that you can have customized by Runjob Software (888-588-5242,

My Story. When I had a heavy/civil construction company, I was using a document control program that most in the industry are familiar with. The software company was bought by an industry giant who chose not to improve the product, but did increase the technical support cost.

This led to me creating my own software. I now offer customized solutions for all sorts of industries and clients – like the list you see above! Check us out [QR]


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