Surety Assistance

Surety Assistance


Sureties get involved for numerous reasons, financial and performance failure being two primary reasons.  At SJCC we have experienced this scenario firsthand.  We have been on the side of the failed contractor and we have been on the surety side pulling the contractor up from the ashes. 

Very few, if any, firms understand the measurable factor in a Contractor’s psyche. Recall that the three C’s of bonding include character.  Replacing the Contractor is not always the solution, sometimes the answer comes in the way of helping him or her.


The primary goal of the surety is to protect its financial interest.  This is best achieved by completing the Project as quickly as possible by the assignment of ample resources to the Project.

SJCC provides expertise in execution of the Project ensuring efficient use of surety resources. Updates on schedule and financial performance are provided weekly, or at any chosen interval.