Field Tip: If in a Confrontation, Don’t Hang Up on the Police

Apr 18, 2017 | News, SJCC

I just learned this one a couple months ago from a fantastic superintendent – Mike. One of his foremen called to him to say that he was having a confrontation with a homeowner – we cut down a tree that was shown on our plans to remove, but the homeowner thought for years that he owned the tree. He didn’t. It was owned by the City and was just outside of the homeowner’s property.

As the homeowner was in Mike’s foreman’s face yelling and threatening him, thanks to our superintendent the foreman knew exactly what to do: call 911 and keep the operator on the phone until the police arrived.

“Why did you tell your foreman to do that?’, I asked Mike.

Mike, having been there and done that, knew that should anything have happened to our foreman or had the homeowner accused our foreman of anything, the 911 operator would have the entire event recorded. Mike knew his foreman would never do anything wrong and knew that having this recording could protect our foreman and our company.

Thanks, Mike. Brilliant.

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